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Reality Tour at Buena Vista Migrant Camp – UPDATE

Farmworker Reality Tours allow participants to meet, dialogue with, and hear the testimonials of farmworkers.

The date of the “Reality Tour” organized by the Springfield Grange at the Buena Vista Migrant Camp with Dr Ann Lopez has been changed to Sunday October 21, 2012.  This event includes a traditional home cooked meal.

We will be inviting members of other Granges in the area.  Please join us for this valuable and eye-opening educational opportunity.

Farmworker Reality Tours
One of the goals of the Center for Farmworker Families is to effectively bridge the experiential and communication gap between the farmworker community
and those of us who enjoy the fruits of their hard labor.

Farmworker housing is typically located in remote areas far from cities and towns, thereby rendering farmworkers invisible to the general public. Farmworker Reality Tours correct this disconnect by allowing participants to meet, dialogue with, and hear the testimonials of farmworkers.
The tours challenge participants to better understand the conditions of Mexican farmworkers in Northern California by sharing in their lives, food, and living quarters.

In 2009, requests for Farmworker Reality Tours increased significantly from a variety of organizations. The San José Human Agenda organization has always sponsored a yearly FW Reality Tour. In 2009, De Anza College English class instructors, Marc Coronado and Karen Chow, brought several classes of students to the fields to learn about the lives of farmworkers.

More information:  Center for Farmworker Families
-originally posted by Alan Hicks

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